Friday, June 4, 2010

Experimenting With....umm..err. . . . . .Nevermind :-P

I have a theory. There are good and bad times for everything. For instance, summer vacations are such a gala time for blog-spot. I'm pretty confident, the number of blogging buffs increase over the summers like breeding virus. (!An idea for the owners. increase the incentives during summers and u'l even get the really lazy one's blogging!). Never mind, I fell to the trick and am now blogging my life away.

The first thing I'm experimenting with is 'blog-spot' ( my first blog yeee :-P). My joining the blogging world. . .wont change the energy crisis, it wont even decrease poverty ( jeez what use?), and I guarantee, it wont solve the ever increasing rise in mercury. But what it CAN do( except, eating my time 'n neurons) is ruin the business of self-help books. My intentions, as for now*, are to blog about all the idiotic schemes my brains churn out during the course of living my highly 'confused' life. Most o' the things I write about, will be idiotic observations and phenomenas my mind notices, hence the name of blog, and your grey matter will be subject to severe torture; but I promise to filter my blogs with a bit of intelligence so as to lessen the social damage my blogging creates.

Guess what? I can't explain further, cause I just blanked out on what I was trying to say. That might happen sometimes, so during the course of your read if you find suddenly the winds have changed, attribute it to my lack of concentration. All right, I got back. . .

Just to give you an example. I just noticed, that my article ( this one!!) is going in a linear fashion.(except for the link to the warning!). I think the flow is the reason. I'm building upon the train of thoughts my brain is harnessing. Its like. . . a linked list. . and not an acyclic group (recall Cayley diagrams - a random arrangement of random points :-P).Abstract theories like these and many more, should more or less constitute of my blog.

To continue, you might have got an idea of what I'm trying to say (If your neurons aren't in recuperation mode yet. . ) Anyways, Adios. . . (Gotta brush my teeth :-D) . Merci!!

*WARNING: My brains are more unstable than protons colliding, and they change ( read decay) with time, so you might get the opportunity to say, "hey dunce, You really don't have to ACT like one!".

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